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May 15 2012

John Salley at VegFest Michigan

VegFest Michigan had an outstanding turn out once again this year. That is in part thanks to former Detroit Piston, and Four-Time World Championship Winning, John Salley. John is an outspoken vegan who has done more to draw attention and awareness to adopting a plant-based diet than most celebrities. His straightforward… Read More

Oct 6 2011

Kale Chips Cacao Tree You Tube

The Cacao Tree Cafe in Royal Oak Michigan is the place to be for raw foodies, and anyone who is interested in eating amazing food that helps heal you from the inside out!   It’s owner, Amber Poupore, opened the cafe just over a year ago, and it’s already well known for its… Read More

Jul 24 2011

Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe Interview with Vegetarian Traditions Author George Vutekakis

On this weeks Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe, I had the amazing opportunity to interview Chef George Vutekakis, also known as The Vegetarian Guy (the name of his website).   Chef George was the Head Chef and owner of the award winning Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak Michigan for over twenty years. I… Read More

Jul 22 2011

Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe Interview with Regeneration Raw’s Andrea McNinch

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Andrea McNinch, founder of Regeneration Raw. Andrea has a strong food background, graduating from one of the top culinary schools in the nation and having worked as a food stylist/writer. She’s currently pursuing a master’s in live/vegan food nutrition (the only program of… Read More

Jun 15 2011

Pure Alternatives

On this week’s ‘Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe’, I interviewed Heather Carmona, founder of Pure Alternatives.   Heather is is an Organic Wellness Consultant. Her ‘evolution to organics’ stems from her own extensive research and experiences with allergies and sensitivity to food preservatives, personal care and home cleaning products. This knowledge evolved into a… Read More

Jun 15 2011


Jerry Neale is co-publisher of Natural Awakenings (of East Michigan), along with his wife Tracy.   He is also the President/CEO of Michigan Healthy Living and Sustainability, Inc., the parent company of all of their many ventures! On this week’s ‘Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe’, I had an opportunity to sit down with… Read More

Jun 14 2011

Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe Interviews Cooper Street Cookies’ Elaine and Max Surnow

This week I had the opportunity to interview the mother and son team, Elaine and Max Surnow, creators of Cooper Street Cookies.   They have perfected their Mandel bread recipe and made it available to the public! It’s made in Michigan, and available at many of our local grocery stores, but… Read More

Apr 7 2011

Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe interview on Practical Sustainability with Andy Acho

This week’s Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe show featured Andy Acho and Kevin Donley who came to discuss their upcoming Conference on Practical Sustainability, Thursday, April 21 at the Detroit Institute of Art.   Andy Acho is a nationally recognized expert on practical environmental initiatives that help make the world a better… Read More

Apr 7 2011

Vegan Pumpkin Pie at Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe

Check out Noah making an amazing pumpkin pie!

Apr 7 2011

Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe intertview on Water Filtration and treatment

Access to clean water is one of the biggest problems the world is facing right now. Many people are shocked to learn that it’s not just a problem in developing nations, but in the U.S. as well. In order to treat our water, the municipal treatment centers use a lot… Read More

Mar 10 2011

Solar Power

On the next “Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe”, I interviewed Beverly Hills (Michigan) resident, Matt Roman. Matt is the Environmental, Health, and Safety Affairs Manager for Visteon Corporation. Matt and I discussed how to bring solar power to homes in the Midwest, specifically the suburbs of Detroit. It’s easier, and more cost… Read More

Mar 10 2011

SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary

On this weeks ‘Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe’, I was fortunate enough to meet with Amanda Hitt, Operations Manager, from SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary. SASHA is the largest farm animal sanctuary in the Midwest. It is home to cows, chickens, turkeys, pigs, goats, horses, sheep cats, dogs and more! They are a big operation, and… Read More

Mar 10 2011

Dearborn Animal Shelter on Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe

Here is the first episode of Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe! It is my new talk/cooking show where we will be discussing topics I cover on my blog in more depth. The first 20 minutes is an interview with the Executive Director of The Friends of the Dearborn Animal Shelter, Elaine Greene,… Read More