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May 24 2010

Got Milk?!


Since posting this for my last website, we are now vegan, but I would like to share the post anyway. I have since learned that the practices I do not like about factory farms, apply to small farms as well. All cows are forced to continually be pregnant and give… Read More

May 24 2010

King Corn


To be honest, this DVD started out as a yawn. Part of it was probably my fault because I came to the viewing experience with high expectations. Somewhere mid-film it took a nice turn. The focus turned from the film’s two creators desire to grow corn (not a lot actually… Read More

May 22 2010

Oprah Wants Me?!


Well, maybe, but I need your votes! Oprah and reality TV super producer Mark Burnett (SurvivorTM & The ApprenticeTM) are joining forces in search of the next big TV show. My show would be Jamie Oliver mixed with the Super Nanny! Here’s the pitch……. NotaCoolMom is not trying to be… Read More

May 19 2010

Energy Bars


This Oatmeal Peanut Butter Energy Bar Recipe is one of our favorites! There’s organic brown sugar, maple syrup and peanut butter, mixed with whole oats, wheat germ and rice cereal. There’s just enough sweetness for the kids, that they won’t even realize how healthy they are. These bars make great… Read More

May 19 2010

What is “A Weeks Worth of Dinners Made Easy”?


I’m just teaching (trying to) my children how to connect with their food, their environment, themselves and our family by including them in making their own food. The “Cooking With Kids Method” starts with collecting food together (preferably through growing your own garden), cooking together and then composting what is… Read More

May 8 2010

Start Your Compost!


We’ve outgrown our NaturesMill Compost. We will still use it in the winter, but we really needed a larger compost to handle the larger amounts of kitchen scraps and yard waste. I also needed to make more compost for our garden. We decided to go with Exaco Trading Feelgood compost… Read More

May 7 2010

Mama Mia Quesadilla!


This Quesadilla Recipe it all – healthy, easy, quick and fun to make! I used out Penini maker, but you can also use a flat grill, or pan. In a matter of minutes you can have a warm, healthy meal full of protein and fiber. When I made this video… Read More

May 6 2010

Penne Paste with Zucchini and Red Peppers


Check out this amazing dish, that’s so easy to make! We were not vegan at the time but we still make this dish and just skip the parm – still yummy with a little olive oil or basil pesto. Noah went crazy for it! It’s a simple recipe. Check out… Read More

May 5 2010

Choosing a Composter


Choosing a compost depends on the amount of space you have available, the materials you want to compost, your budget and the amount of time you want to spend tending your pile. 1) HOLDING UNITS They can only be used for lawn trimmings, and not kitchen scraps, because they wont… Read More

May 5 2010

Meatless Mondays


Even if you are not vegan, or vegetarian, you may still consider integrating ‘Meatless Mondays’ into your weekly routine. For the intuitively challenged, that means, don’t eat meat on Mondays. The meat industry is one of the top contributors to global warming, and Americans eat about twice the global average… Read More

May 4 2010

Taking the kids to the Recycling Center!


We always have fun going to the recycling center. Noah feels really proud of himself for being such a big helper! Kids are the key to creating a greener future. Get them involved in recycling when they’re young, and they’ll likely continue the tradition as adults. My video production skills… Read More

Apr 30 2010

Organic Wine….CHEERS!


Who knew we are free to imbibe and maintain our nutritional integrity at the same time? Thanks to Doug Tunnell, veteran newsman, turned winemaker, we can. Tunnell’s Oregon vineyard is among several other Oregon vineyards that are sustainable,and eco-conscious. Thier practices include piloting a now national wine-cork recycling program. The… Read More

Apr 29 2010

Calling all Starbucks Frequenters – Bring Your Own Mugs and Save $$!!


Responsibility | Starbucks Coffee Company. Play this video and get INSPIRED to bring your own cup…….and save .10 cents every time! According to the paper industry, Americans will consume an estimated 23 BILLION paper coffee cups in 2010! If you go 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, that’s… Read More

Apr 26 2010

Tofu and Kale with Toasted Almonds


Today we made Tofu and Kale with Toasted Almonds for dinner. This is a very healthy, easy recipe. The kids can help flour the tofu, wash the kale and peel the garlic. Tip – You may want to wash and/or cut the kale the night before. Ingredients * 1 cup… Read More

Apr 23 2010

Happy Earth Day – Start Recycling Today!


I truly believe most people care about our environment and want to do their part, but recycling can often seem daunting and confusing. Every state and county has different requirements, but this video will give you some basics so you can start recycling today!!

Apr 22 2010



This is one of our favorites! The kids can, and should, help with peeling the garlic and shallots. They can also wash the broccoli and put the ingredients in the pot. A few things to keep in mind. Make sure to use organic, whole grain linguine. Since making this video,… Read More

Apr 21 2010

Cooking Pancakes with the Kids


This morning we decided to make one of our favorite breakfasts, pancakes! Usually we cook everything from scratch, but Natures Path has a great pancake mix. It’s an organic multi-grain mix with flax. It’s quick, easy, healthy and a fun way to start out the day! Now that we are… Read More

Apr 20 2010

Just Say NO!……To Plastic Water Bottles!


Better yet, why are people drinking out of them in their own homes? It takes more water to make a water bottle than actually goes in them. They are a waste of water, horrible for the environment, and potentially toxic to our bodies. Most tap water is safe, and cheap,… Read More

Apr 18 2010

No Impact Man


One of the most amazing documentaries I’ve ever seen! It follows a man, Colin Beavan, his wife, and young daughter in New York City  as they attempt living a zero-waste lifestyle for one year.They did it in gradual steps. They did not purchase any new items except food. Their food… Read More

Apr 18 2010

Social Sundays


Creating awareness in our children about social issues and their ability to effect change is easier than one may think. Like anything else, we just need to make it one of our priorities. I don’t know what works for you, but I have to schedule everything. If it’s not on… Read More

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