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Apr 18 2010

Your Thirsty World


What: Nick News with Linda Ellerbee: Your Thirsty World When: Sunday, April 18 at 8:30 p.m. EST/PST (TV Guide listing) Tune in with your friends to watch Your Thirsty World, featuring kids from project areas in rural Honduras and the slums of Bangladesh. In this half-hour special, kids in… Read More

Apr 16 2010

Fox in the City!


Right there in our front yard – a fox – beautiful! Wish I could have gotten a better picture, but he/she (don’t want to be sexist) took off before I could get closer – not that getting closer was a bright idea anyway. Noah went nuts – wanting to pet… Read More

Apr 15 2010

Food Scraps Pickup in Portland, Oregon


PORTLAND OREGON START FOOD SCRAP COMPOSTING PICK UP!! Food scraps pickup will become available for about 2,000 homes in Portland beginning in May, 2010.

Apr 13 2010

Cooking With Kids


For those of you wondering how you’re going to cook dinner while taking care of your kids, might I suggest combining the two? Why give your kids something else to do, while you cook? Wouldn’t it be nice for your kids to have an appreciation for what they’re eating? To… Read More

Apr 12 2010

Home Gardens


Home gardens are great for mom and kids! The kids love planting, playing with the dirt, watering, and especially picking the ripe vegetables. For mom, it’s a lot more convenient than going to the store. It ‘s also comforting to know exactly how your food is grown and what is,… Read More

Apr 12 2010

About Elizabeth and This Blog


I am a wife of 4 years, and a mother of two boys; Noah and Henry (3 and 1 respectively). I was a lawyer in my pre-baby phase of my life. Now I very much enjoy staying home with the kids. Why am I ‘NOT A COOL MOM’? I’m not… Read More

Apr 12 2010

Vegetable Garden at the White House


Obamas Plant Vegetable Garden at the White House!

Apr 8 2010

Cruelty At Top Egg Farms


Please, please, please buy free range! If we all stop buying from factory farms, they will have to change their practices and treat their animals better. Watch the attached video and get a glimpse into the travesty going on all over this country.

Apr 7 2010

“Zero Waste” Recycling


NUDGING RECYCLING FROM LESS WASTE TO NONE! “It will take a lot longer to get average Americans to compost,” Mr. Johnston said. “Reaching down to my household and yours is the greatest challenge.”

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