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Apr 25 2012

Beautiful Beginnings Doula Services


My longtime friend Stacy Thompson has always had a passion for helping women, particularly pregnant women. She was a huge support to me during my first pregnancy, and now she’s bringing her knowledge to you. Stacy is a certified doula, and is launching Beautiful Beginnings Birth Services in April, 2012.… Read More

Apr 23 2012

VegFest Michigan


VegMichigan works to educate the public about the many benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, and they also provide support to vegetarians, vegans and anyone interested in a better way of living–one that is healthy, eco-friendly and humane toward all our planet’s creatures. Every year they put on VegFest Michigan where… Read More

Apr 20 2012

Win “Go Veg” Flip Flops


Don’t forget to join the EKC community for a chance to win a pair of “Go Veg” flip flops! All you have to do is register, upload a profile picture, and a winner will be selected each month. When you’re selected to be the Featured Member, you can choose “pigs”… Read More

Apr 19 2012

Denim Therapy


We all know that we should recycle, but we don’t often get too excited about it. But here’s a major exception! Denim Therapy is giving our favorite, worn-in jeans a new life. Considering how expensive a new jeans are, this is some amazing news. Here are some examples of what… Read More

Apr 17 2012

Vegan Diet Has Positive Impact In Prison


I found this story fascinating and wanted to share. I read it in Vegetarian Spotlight, and although a bit shocking it makes total sense. Bottom line is that a vegan diet offered to inmates ultimately led to a decrease in recidivism from 95% to 2%! I know first-hand that I… Read More

Apr 15 2012

Homemade Sushi


Sushi is actually really easy to make, and it’s so good for you! Sea vegetables are a great source of iron, otherwise hard to find iodine. They are anti-inflammatory and have been linked to preventing estrogen  related cancers – like breast cancer! Ordering sushi at restaurants has grossed me out… Read More

Apr 6 2012

Roasted Sweet Potatoes With Apples


This is great for Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, but I’m making it for Passover. It can be tricky finding vegan dishes for holidays when your audience consists primarily of non-veggie guests, but this one is an easy crowd pleaser. Simple, easy to make, healthy, and the cayenne with rosemary is unexpected… Read More

Apr 4 2012

Derma e® Wrinkle Reverse Serum


I was at Whole Foods the other day and decided to pick this up. I’ve read a lot about how peptides are supposed to be great at fighting wrinkles, but had never tried them. Derma e® is certified cruelty-free, paraben-free, and eco-friendly so I decided to give it a shot.… Read More

Apr 2 2012

Natural Remedy For Sinus Infections


It probably goes without saying, but I very rarely take pharmaceuticals, including aspirin, Tylenol etc. So, when I saw that I probably had a sinus infection I was a little worried. That same week NPR aired a story about how frequently people take antibiotics for sinus infections. Not only do… Read More

Mar 30 2012

Quinoa Salad


We have quinoa almost every day in one way or another. There’s so much you can do with it! It’s one of the best vegetarian sources of protein because it contains all the essential amino acids. It’s also a great source of iron. I love the sweetness of the raisins… Read More

Mar 28 2012

Glass Straws


Most of us try to stay away from disposable plastics for a number of different reasons. They are not good for the environment, it’s much more economical to buy items we can re-use, we are concerned about the toxins leaching into our food and beverages, and yet straws seem to… Read More

Mar 26 2012

Vegan Passover Minas


Most Passover entrees have meat, eggs, or cheese, or all of the above! Finding a vegetarian option, let alone vegan, was a challenge, but out of all the recipes I tried this was the best. In fact, I make it even when it’s not Passover, which most people can’t say… Read More

Mar 23 2012

Going To The Circus?


Going to the circus this weekend? I hope not! I’ve never taken my kids, and I never will. I used to just cringe when I heard people say they were going, but I actually stop in my tracks and try to let them know a little bit about what’s really… Read More

Mar 21 2012

Kale Salad With Dried Cherries


For some reason making a good kale salad used to seem so difficult to me. I could never understand how it was so good everywhere else, but when I tried to make it, it was garbage. Finally a few months ago I figured out (after asking) that you have to… Read More

Mar 19 2012

Passover Desserts-Chocolate Covered Matzo


I don’t know why I only make this for Passover because it is so delicious. Oh right, that’s actually why I only make it once a year; I have NO self control when it’s in the house. It’s simple to make, and it’s the perfect finish to the Passover Seder.… Read More

Mar 16 2012

ThermaScan: Radiation-Free Breast Cancer Detection


Everyone knows how important it is to detect breast cancer early, but at what age should we start? What tests should we be getting? How often? It can all be pretty confusing, especially since we are continually hearing conflicting recommendations. “Women over 30, over 35, over 40″. “Go get mammograms”.… Read More

Mar 14 2012



Bruschetta, which by the way is pronounced BrewSketa – not BrewShetta (thank you for the clarification Mario Batali), is one of the healthiest, easiest side dishes, and/or appetizers to make. I love to pair it with soups and stews because a bowl of soup for dinner can seem kind of… Read More

Mar 12 2012

Sneaky Pizza


Lately I’ve been thinking of ways to sneak more super-foods into our diets. I would say the kid’s diets, but we all eat the same food. I don’t cook differently for them than I do for the adults. I’m still not sure why people continually underestimate their kids ability to… Read More

Mar 9 2012

Younger Looking Skin


I’m often asked about what products I use on my skin. I continually post about products I like and have put many of them on My Favorites, but the appearance of my skin has far more to do with what I put IN my body, than what I put ON… Read More

Mar 7 2012

Raw Food Chef Corinne Rice


Corinne Rice came by the Kind Cafe to make some spicy Mexican chocolate brownie balls dipped in a vanilla bean-lime white chocolate. They were amaz-balls! The spice hits you toward the end, and it’s great – not too much. I recently did a post about Corinne and her Pop-Up Vegan… Read More

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