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Jan 6 2011

DIY Home Products

essential oil

Why make your own home cleaning products? 1)  It’s good for your health. While you’re cleaning you come in contact with many different chemicals on your skin and through your mouth and nose.  It’s not just one exposure that is the concern, it’s the cumulative effect. Toxins build up in… Read More

Jan 2 2011

Take Action


Clean the World gets soap to people who really need it. In an effort to prevent these needless deaths from occurring, Clean the World distributes recycled soap products, along with appropriate educational materials, to impoverished countries worldwide, and to domestic homeless shelters. You can help. Your support gets us one… Read More

Jan 2 2011

Organic Pest Control


How do you maintain an organic garden and still ward off pests? Some people may think Organic Pest Control is an oxymoron when in fact the two go hand in hand quite well. Here are some easy ways to grow a healthy garden, free of harmful pesticides. 1) Crop Rotation… Read More

Jan 2 2011

Herb Gardens


Let’s start with the EASY stuff! Herb gardens are fairly low maintenance and grow literally like weeds! My first real attempt at gardening (after killing many plants, tomatoes, and peppers) was herbs – and it was a success! Even my kids couldn’t kill these things (by dumping too much water… Read More

Jan 2 2011

Home Gardens


Home gardens are great for mom and kids! The kids love planting, playing with the dirt, watering, and especially picking the ripe vegetables. For mom, it’s a lot more convenient than going to the store. It ‘s also comforting to know exactly how your food is grown and what is,… Read More

Jan 2 2011

Compost Tea


Compost Tea is a great way to keep your plants healthy! It’s been shown to help ward off disease, increase nutritional quality of vegetables, and makes your compost go further. You can use it as a spray, or add it directly to the soil. Supplies you will need To brew… Read More

Jan 2 2011

What NOT to Compost


Bones Butter Cat Litter Cheese (small amount ok if NaturesMill composter, or tightly covered bin) Meat (small amount ok if NaturesMill composter, or tightly covered bin) Diapers Diseased Plants Dog, Cat feces Fish (small amount ok if NaturesMill composter, or tightly covered bin) Greasy Food Some Invasive Weeds Lard Oils… Read More

Jan 2 2011

What to Compost


GREENS (Nitrogen) Green pants Garden Trimmings Fresh leaves Flowers Grass clippings* Fruit and Vegetable Scraps Coffee Ground Tea Bags Manure* BROWNS (Carbon) Dry Plant Material Straw and Hay Fall Leaves Potting Soil Breads and Grains Egg Shells (crushed) Nutshells Shredded Newspaper (not too much because of the ink) Beans Corncobs… Read More

Jan 2 2011

Composting Maintenance


Turn the compost every week or so (better yet, let the kids turn it – turning yucky, smelly stuff is fun!). Keep a pile of dry lawn clipping and grass (nitrogen) and a pile of straw or leaves (carbon) next to the pile to add as needed. How will you… Read More

Jan 2 2011

Choosing a Compost


Choosing a compost depends on the amount of space you have available, the materials you want to compost, your budget and the amount of time you want to spend tending your pile. 1) Holding Units They can only be used for lawn trimmings, and not kitchen scraps, because they wont… Read More

Jan 2 2011

Starting Your Compost


Start Your Compost Pile, Bin, or Tumbler!! Now that you’ve chosen what kind of composter you will be using, you need to start filling it up. If you have the NaturesMill composter you only need a few cups of dirt or compost starter and you’re ready to go. For compost… Read More

Jan 2 2011



Composting has been a big hit in our house! What’s better than playing the dirt? Making it! I don’t believe children should finish all the food on their plates. They should stop eating when they are no longer hungry. Promoting a “clean plater” is promoting an over weight adult. At… Read More

Jul 10 2010

Make Your Own (DIY)…. Yoga Mat Cleaner


For those of us who sweat our as*es off in yoga, this recipe is a God send! You can buy cleaners for your mat for $10 or $20, but this one is next to nothing, especially if you already have essential oils at home. I like making my own yoga… Read More

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